Test driving the PEN-F and getting yelled at after eating a hamburger.

This week I finally got my brand new Olympus PEN-F delivered!

As soon as i opened the box I was and still am the happiest photographer alive! The camera is so beautiful...

The design is the most beautiful I have seen of every modern camera. Of course it is modeled after the original PEN. But still! It is amazing! I don't why manufacturers like Nikon or Canon make their camera's so ugly. I mean, they release a new model and it looks like all of their other models... They should take a look at the old days of photography. They got the design right....

Hmmmm maybe I should wright a blog about that...

Of course as soon I got some free time I geared up and first stop was of course... Amsterdam!

I walked my standard route. And actually that is not a specific one. I always just aimlessly wander around haha. Luckily i stumbled upon the "Legalize it" demonstration with one awesome dude on the parade car just in his underpants (not me). Perfect scenario to take photos!

First impressions of the camera were and are really good! The picture quality is just what I hoped for and could do everything and more of what I did with my old one.

The day went by so quick and fell in love more and more with the PEN-F. Man what a awesome machine this is... After a well deserved beer it was off to bed so I could wake up early. Get some squats done. And off to Utrecht!

I has been a while since I was in Utrecht. And if you have never been there, just go! It has really beautiful canals. I am not going to say more beautiful than the ones in Amsterdam. But different.

First stop was the Dom tower. Damn that thing is high! And after leg day is was a long walk up those 300+ stairs haha.

After that it started raining heavily so that meant umbrella shots! Hell yeah!

I closed the day with eating a hamburger. The burger was good. The service... Not so good... It sucked. You can send me a message if you want to know which one it was haha.

After shooting two days straight i can say I adore the PEN-F so much! It is everything I want in a camera and more. And if you don't believe me. Just try one if you get the chance...

I will add some results to this blog post, and most of them you will see appearing on my Instagram or website.

Of course if you don't follow me on Instagram please do! You can find it here.

Alright enough of me japping! Until next time!