Snaps during national demonstration "No racism in the council." by Cristian Geelen

Hey all,

Last of march 18th I took some snaps during the national demonstration "No racism in the council". Or in dutch "Geen racisme in de raden". All organized by the commite 21st of march. Or het comité 21 maart.

The demonstration is being held because of the local elections. And in short, there needs to be a counter voice against the social and economic injustice.

The Netherlands is hardening/The situation in the Netherlands is rapidly becoming more problematic. People who have lived her for decades are now being labelled as threats. Young people looking for work are consistently rejected because of their last name. It’s claimed that there is no room for people fleeing war, poverty, or climate chaos. Muslims and refugees are being used as scapegoats to distract from growing socio-economic insecurity and inflation.
— Comité 21 maart event page

I took some photographs during the march and I didn't want to keep them on my hard drive. And of course the biggest reason I am against injustice too! So the more eyes the better.

We need to be kinder and tolerant to each other anyway. Because if we keep treating each other and this earth the way we do it at this moment, we will eventually get bigger problems... But hey, that is a totally different topic!

And also maybe a good starter for a project about enviromental refugees...

Btw. If you want to use them for some reason. All my images are always copyrighted. So always nicely ask.